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Monday, October 24, 2005

Dad & Carol Survived Wilma!

I didn't get to talk to him earlier today but he left me a good voicemail. Dad & Carol live in West Palm Beach on Florida's east coast and they took a pretty good thrashing from Wilma today.

Dad's always stayed home whenever a hurricane hits and he has a pretty good scheme for getting everything secured and battened down. And he always comments, "Oh, we got some rain and a little wind...". Today's message was, "We survived. Not unscathed but we survived." They lost some fascia and soffit trim off the house, several fence panels will need reverticalization and his Rubbermaid storage shed took a beating.

Now if his week+ bronchitus would just get better! He's been sick and on the couch and he's working his way through a second dose of antibiotics without sounding much healthier for too many days now. And now he's going to want to be outside fixing stuff instead of resting to get healthy!

Get better Dad!

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